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The Blog DAILY MAIL: ‘I Tried The Signature Facial at Contour Clinics’

Australia’s Daily Mail visited Contour Clinics to put our newly revamped facials to the test!

Our crowd-pleasing option for all skin types and concerns, The Signature Facial, was trialled by Daily Mail.

This pampering yet gently powerful facial combines thermal cleanser for pore-deep purification, antioxidant fruit enzymes for refining cell renewal, and a direct dose of oxygen for hydration and healing.

“A new ultra-luxurious cosmetic clinic is offering indulgent ‘facial experiences’ said to give immediate rejuvenating results – without using needles or lasers.” – Daily Mail

The following is an excerpt from Daily Mail‘s report on The Signature Facial at Contour Clinics:

Rather than just treating the surface of the skin, the facial goes deeper into the pores of your skin to remove toxins and debris that makeup removers and cleansers and toners can’t reach.

The Signature Facial is a two-step process involving a peel and a mask.

Firstly, the skin is prepped and lightly cleansed to ensure to the facial’s ingredients are fully absorbed.

Then a fruit enzyme mask combined with a deep thermal cleanser is applied to deeply cleanse.

It removes things like dirt, oil, makeup residue, sebum, dead skin cells and other clogging culprits blocking the pores to reveals a brighter complexion.

Next, a foaming Oxygenation Peel is worked into the skin until the foam is rich and creamy before it’s gently soaked off.

The final step is the hydrating peptide mask which is left on for 10 minutes to soothe and plump the skin.


Head to the Daily Mail website for its full review of The Signature Facial at Contour Clinics.

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