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Do you, like many others, have regrets about an old tattoo? You’re not alone. That’s why the tattoo removal industry has boomed in recent years, offering a solution to those embarrassing reminders of past relationships or drunken holidays that resulted in a permanent tattoo!

Q-switch lasers use nanosecond, photo-acoustic technology to shatter the ink particles in your tattoo, which are then digested by immune cells in our body and carried away by our lymphatic system. The result? Scar-less, tattoo free skin.  

So, how does it feel? Well, I’m not gonna lie, discomfort level is probably on the higher end of the spectrum so make sure to use a topical local anaesthetic before your treatment. Some clinics will apply this for you as part of your treatment. Once this takes effect you will hardly feel a thing (phew). 

How many sessions will you need? You’ll need up to ten sessions to completely remove a tattoo so be prepared for a pinch to the old pocket, however a lot of clinics offer heavily discounted packages when you purchase all your sessions upfront, saving you a stack! Yay, more money for other fun activities. 

How much will it set you back? Depending on the size of your tattoo it could cost anything from $100 per session right up to $1000 per session (single price). The latter being for the big whoppers like a full back tattoo. 

Is tattoo removal right for me? Yes, if you want scar less, effective tattoo removal. 

And, tattoo removal isn’t just for the reformed tattoo lovers, a lot of people remove older style tattoos that they just don’t love anymore to make way for new, updated, more modern works of art. Book today for a complimentary consultation and get started on your tattoo removal journey.

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