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The Blog 3D Vectra Imaging Solution at Contour Clinics

As the interest in aesthetic treatments like cosmetic injectables increases, there are sometimes still some hesitations from our patients before committing to a treatment.

“How will I look after?”, “Will the treatment suit me?” are some of the questions that linger in a patients mind before they decide to proceed. Our Vectra 3D imaging offers just the solution for this. No matter how people have gone about their research to see what treatment will work for them, nothing beats seeing the options on their own body.

What is Vectra 3D imaging

Vectra 3D is a complete 3D Imaging solution that captures images in ultra-high resolution 3D, and shows our patients the exciting possibilities of their simulated aesthetic procedures.

The goal is to give patients what they’re looking for, and most importantly – something that matches their body. When prospective patients can see an achievable outcome beforehand, and like what they see, then that patient is more confident in proceeding with the treatment.

How Vectra 3D works

This is quick and easy, just like having your photo taken, but from different angles. A computer software will then create a life-like model of how you could look after the procedure is done, viewed from any angle.

Vectra in Contour Clinics

We are proud to introduce the latest in 3D imaging technology. Contour Clinics is only one of a very few clinics that have access to this technology, located at our Five Dock or Miranda clinics.

We use our patient’s own image to show possible outcomes, educate them about their options, explain limitations, and set appropriate expectations. This will also show the results from one procedure compared to a combination of procedures.

Expert simulation tools embedded in VECTRA’s software allow our experts to manipulate the size, shape and even your skin surface to achieve your desired result. Based on the brand of product you will use, texture of your skin, shape, size and body proportions, our experts can create a true-to-life simulation of the particular look that you will achieve.

We also use it to show a 3D model of the before and afters of your treatment. The video above is a real life example of one of our patients after receiving 5ml of jawline filler. You will notice in this patients Before and After the increased sculpted jawline and enhanced side and front profile.

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