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The Blog Vectra 3D Imaging Solution at Contour Clinics

Although aesthetic treatments like cosmetic injectables are widely popular, safe and temporary, it’s still natural to feel some hesitation before committing to a treatment.

“How will I look after?” and “Will the treatment suit me?” are some of the questions that might linger in your mind before you decide to proceed.

Our Vectra 3D imaging offers just the solution for this. No matter how much research you’ve done to see which treatment might work for you, nothing beats seeing a preview on your own face or body.

What is Vectra 3D imaging

Vectra 3D is a complete three-dimensional imaging solution that captures images in ultra-high 3D resolution to show the exciting possibilities of your aesthetic procedures through a simulation of the outcome.

The goal is to work with you to find what suits your face or body, and which options can achieve the result you’re looking for.

When you can see an achievable outcome before you go ahead, and you like how that looks, you’ll feel more confident in proceeding with the treatment.

How Vectra 3D works

It’s quick and easy – essentially just having your photo taken, but from different angles.

The computer software will then process these photos into a simulated version of how you could look after the treatment, with the potential results viewable from any angle.

Vectra 3D at Contour Clinics

We are proud to offer our patients premium value in their treatment consultation by using the latest in 3D imaging technology.

Expert simulation tools embedded in Vectra software allow our practitioners to manipulate the size, shape and texture of your features in the simulated image to display how your desired result could look.

Based on the brand of product you will use, texture of your skin, shape, size and body proportions, our experts can create a true-to-life simulation of the particular look that you will achieve.

We also use it to show a 3D model of the ‘before and after’ of your treatment.

Why we love Vectra 3D

Vectra 3D is a valuable part of the treatment journey, taking the mystery out of your potential results and giving you more transparency and control over your treatments.

We can show you possible outcomes, educate you about your treatment options, explain any limitations, and help you know what to expect.

It’s also a fantastic tool for demonstrating how results can differ from one procedure compared to another, or the difference made by having a combination of procedures.

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