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The Blog How to get a bigger penis: a review of penis-enlargement products

Most men have a fascination with their penis and nearly just as many are worried they’re under-endowed. The truth is, most aren’t. But like anything you tell us, we’ll need to figure it out for ourselves first.

If you want a bigger package there are many options. 

How to get a bigger penis naturally

There are natural methods which people swear by which involve forcing blood into the shaft and head. None of these methods have any studies to back them up, but they’re free and if you what read on forums can be trusted, many of them do work – so there’s little to lose if you’re careful.

Jelquing – you use your hand to push blood from the base to the head of the penis. The theory is because your penis is actually made up of tiny capillaries you can expand them and force them to take more blood. Again, nothing scientific to back it up and carries the risk of scar formation, burst capillaries, pain and disfigurement. 

Manual stretching – same principle as the tools we’ll cover in a moment. You literally pull the end of your penis to try and lengthen it. No proof that it works.

Toss away your penis pump

We’re men. Using tools is what separates us from other animals. So naturally, we developed tools to try and make our d*cks bigger. Many individuals report positive results from both of these tools – but clinical studies are hard to come by. 

Penis pump – the punchline/best-supporting actor in every teen movie from the 2000s. The Vaccum pump uses the same logic as jelqing swelling the penis by drawing blood into it. No data on whether it makes your penis bigger, but one to potentially check out if you’re suffering from ED. 

Stretching tools – You can buy an extender device, similar to a splint which slowly stretches the shaft over time. Some small studies have reported increases in size, but there’s more testing required to validate the effectiveness and safety. 

Literally snake oil

Once you get through the manual methods and tools, then there’s an array of pills, creams and ointments available which all promise to double the length or girth in a couple of days. 

Ever wondered why you only see ads for them on suspect sites using stock photos of old white men in lab coats (or in your inbox if you had an email address back in the late 90s)? It’s because like the natural methods and tools, none have any clinically documented success. They’re figuratively and in some cases literally snake oil.

Keep in mind too many of these are herbal remedies or user hormones which aren’t endorsed by the TGA which makes them a much higher risk. Like anything you put in your body, be careful and research as much as you can. Only use supplements that are TGA approved from a reputable source.

Going under the knife

That leaves you with surgical options. They can work, but you’re looking at weeks out of action as well as a much higher risk of complication (because you’re literally cutting into your penis).

Fat transfer – Like the famed Brazilian butt-lift for your penis. This treatment is used to thicken the shaft. A physician will graft fat from somewhere else in your body (usually the abdomen) onto the shaft. That’s not a typo either, not ‘in to’ the shaft but ‘on to’ the shaft. Results can be positive, but often require multiple treatments with some patients absorbing a large portion back into their system. 

Ligament Transaction – This is a simple-sounding one which takes a lot of work. You’ll go under general anaesthetic (i.e. be unconscious) and a surgeon will make cuts above your shaft at the base of your abdomen and sever the ligament that attaches the shaft to the pubic bone. Patients will often get 1-3 cm extra length when flaccid, but it makes no difference to the erect size. 

Scrotum manipulation – some people have a scrotum that attaches higher up their shaft than they’d like. There’s a procedure which can nip the end of it making the shaft appear longer. Very much smoke and mirrors though as there’s no change to length or girth. 

A new hope? 

There’s actually a fourth option which actually works and is safe and even reversible when administered by a trained professional: Dermal fillers.

Think of them as a combination of a natural procedure and non-invasive surgery.

Natural because they’re injections of hyaluronic acid which is a naturally occurring sugar found in the skin.

And surgical, but non-invasive, because the fillers are actually injected into your penis.

Does it work? Definitely – there’s immediate growth in penis girth as the filler enters and because of the extra weight, there’s often a moderate growth in length too. 

Those of you who are growers instead of showers will be happy to know you can now have the best of both worlds as the flaccid penis stays larger when it has dermal fillers in it.

There’s also little to no downtime and your enhancement can be performed in minutes under local anaesthetic. 

Done with the pumps and snake oil? Find out more about safe penis enlargements that actually work.


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