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The Blog What you need to know about calf slimming injections

No matter how hard I diet and exercise, I can’t seem to make my calves slimmer!

Have you heard this said before? Maybe you have even said it to yourself.

There are many reasons some calves can show a stubborn resistance to slim and tone. Bad eating, lack of exercise, and being overweight are of course common causes. However, most of the time it is our genes that determine our calf size. Thanks mum and dad!!

For many decades the only way to remove unwanted leg thickness was hideously expensive and invasive surgery. These procedures would leave you looking like a shark attack victim.

Nowadays there are many far less invasive surgical procedures, the most popular being liposuction. While this is a fantastic procedure when performed in expert hands, there is significant downtime and pain post procedure.

Many women these days cannot afford to be out of action for weeks at a time waiting for the bruising, swelling and wounds to heal post-surgery.

Fortunately, there are many effective calf-slimming treatments with no downtime you can even do in your lunch break!

Excessively muscular calves are best treated by muscle relaxant injections to the gastrocnemius muscles.

Calf diagram

These are the muscles responsible for the the mid to upper calf bulk.

Ultra-fine injections to both calf muscles causes the muscle fibres to shrink overtime. These injections can shrink the calf muscles by anywhere from 1-7cm and results can be seen in as little as 2 weeks!

Calf slimming before and after

You should see peak results after 2 months, lasting at least out to 6 months. See our calf-slimming page for more information.

For those women with stubborn fat deposits in the calf region, fat freezing with CoolSculpting provides dramatic reductions in lower leg contour. Using Harvard developed technology, freezing energy targets subcutaneous calf fat, causing irreparable cell damage. Over several weeks the body’s immune system carries these damaged fat cells away causing permanent fat loss in these areas. Check out our CoolSculpting page for more information.

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