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The Blog What’s the BIG deal about Penis Enlargement? 

And what even is that? Penis Enlargement is an increasingly popular procedure where dermal filler is used to increase the girth and overall size of his Manhood/Sex Pistol/ Trouser Snake AKA the PENIS. Yes, you read that correctly- get the giggles out and let’s be serious about this for a minute. Insecurities and hang ups about any part of your face or body can be detrimental to your self esteem and over all wellbeing but with today’s explosion in interest in cosmetic procedures there is nothing that the cosmetic medicine gods cannot do! 

The procedure itself is minimally uncomfortable thanks to the use of Topical Local Anaesthetic and takes up to 60 minutes to complete. Your expert cosmetic doctor will inject a premium, high quality, long lasting hyaluronic filler into your member increasing girth by up to one inch. Yay. For you boys who aren’t clued in that’s the same filler we use to augment the lips and cheeks and other areas of the face. The results last up to 5 years however some patients opt to return after 2 years for a top up treatment. 

The procedure is safe and has a very high patient satisfaction rate and doesn’t affect penile function (PHEW!). Why are men choosing to have this procedure done? Well, just like some women, some men have hang ups about body confidence and increasingly are feeling comfortable to come forward and seek a solution for what they’re not happy with. And it’s not necessarily because the patient has a small penis to begin with, a lot of guys report simply wanting to do something for themselves or wanting to boost their confidence.

Dr Josh Wall has been performing Dermal Filler Penile Enlargements for several years and says “the demand for penile fillers is increasing every year. The stigma around cosmetic treatments is dissipating slowly”. Dr Wall  states that while this is a safe procedure with minimal downtime, those considering this procedure should carefully chose their treating doctor. In unexperienced hands, there are a variety of complications that could leave your member in bad shape!

If you are interested in more information about our penile filler treatments, see our penis enlargement webpage for more details. Alternatively, you can book in for a consultation with Dr Wall to discuss your options either online or via (02) 9712 4599.

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