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Endovenous Laser Ablation


Permanent Laser Spider Vein Removal

All review appointments post procedure are complimentary.

How does EVLA work?

Endovenous Laser Treatment For Varicose Veins (EVLA) is a Laser Treatment performed under local anaesthetic as a walk in walk out procedure.

The first step is gaining a map of the veins to perform the procedure properly and make sure it is safe. The map is made by performing a Duplex Ultrasound of the leg region.

The EVLA procedure involves threading a small laser fibre into the abnormal vein through a tiny incision. The laser fibre is then passed through the entire vein and secured next to the valve in the vein. An ultrasound is used to position the end of the laser exactly in the correct spot. Local Anaesthetic is the injected around the vein, again using ultrasound to make sure it is done correctly. Local anaesthetic is placed along the entire length of the vein.

The local anaesthetic numbs the vein and the surrounding tissue to make sure no pain is felt during the procedures. The laser is then turned on deliver a source of heat into the vein. The heat causes the blood in the vessel to clot sealing the vein and halting blood flow. This will destroy the vein and over time the body will absorb and remove the vein. Blood is rerouted through other healthy vessels.

Why use EVLA?

Varicose veins are known as the twisted and lumpy veins that people see on their legs. Even though these veins are seen in some people with vein problems, these visible varicose veins are not the actual problem. They are the main sign of the underlying major problem which is either vein pump failure or venous reflux (blood starts going in the wrong direction and pools

To treat varicose veins and the other vein problems successfully we need to fix the underlying problem and reverse the incorrect flow of blood. This means treating the main veins that are not working correctly and causing the incorrect blood flow.

Unfortunately, the valves in the veins cannot be fixed therefore when the valves stop working, we need to close the damaged veins completely. This stops the blood from flowing the wrong way down the veins and causing damage.

Laser for varicose veins: Differences between Endovenous Laser Ablation and Radiofrequency Laser Ablation.

Our Specialist Doctor at Contour Clinics has been performing vascular and vein surgery for the past 20 years. She is one of the most respected specialists in the world in this field and has performed countless procedures using both techniques. Although the differences between the two procedures are minimal, sometimes one is preferable over the other depending on the patient.

Endovenous Laser Ablation tends to be better suited to patients who have average to larger veins measured by diameter. EVLA also tends to cause a lower level of blood clots so for safety reasons we prefer this technology.  Radiofrequency Laser Ablation can be used when patients have small or difficult to reach veins.

Importance of Ultrasound during EVLA

Using an Ultrasound Scan is essential to undertake an EVLA procedure. It helps our specialist doctors guide the laser fibre through the vein. It essentially creates a map and picture of your veins and blood vessels and allows the doctors to see what is happening inside your body. Another great advantage of using an Ultrasound is it can reveal any blood clots that may have formed inside the veins.

What to Expect During & After the EVLA Procedure

  • An Ultrasound is used to map out the vein and confirm what veins are causing the problems.
  • Local Anaesthetic is applied to the area where the laser fibre will be inserted and around the vein.
  • A thin laser fibre is inserted into the vein and then passed along the entire vein.
  • Laser Energy will be used to heat the vein and seal it shut as the laser fibre is gently removed.
  • The incision will be covered with a compression bandage and pressure will be applied. No stitches or sutures will be needed.
  • Walking immediately after is encouraged. Normal activity can be resumed right away however please avoid strenuous activities for the first 48 hours.
  • You may experience minor swelling, soreness and bruising after he treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Endovenous Laser Ablation work?

In this procedure the laser energy damages the vein walls. This shrinks the vein and closes the faulty vein off so blood cannot flow through it. The closed vein eventually disappears as the body reabsorbs it over time.

What Happens During the EVLA Procedure

  • The first step is that your veins are marked out on your legs by our specialist doctor.
  • Then the area is fully anaesthetised to prevent any pain or discomfort during the procedure.
  • Next a small catheter is placed into the affected vein and a needle is placed inside the catheter.
  • A laser fibre is then passed through the catheter and into the vein and strategically positioned with ultrasound guidance, so that the laser tip is just below the top end of the vein. The laser fibre is connected to our state-of-the-art Endovenous Laser Machine.
  • Before the laser machine is turned local anaesthetic is placed at strategic points all along the vein. This ensures complete comfort and a completely painless procedure.
  • Then the Endovenous Laser Machine is turned on and this activates the laser fibre. It is then slowly withdrawn by an automatic pull back device, thereby destroying the full length of the vein. As the area is fully anaesthetised no pain is felt.

Post Treatment

You will be allowed to go home almost immediately after your procedure. We will apply a bandage to the area where the laser fibre was inserted, and you will need to wear the bandages for the first 48 hours post treatment. You will also need to wear special compression socks for 7 days post treatment to help aid recovery and prevent side effects. Will also recommend walking a minimum of 30 minutes each day for 4 weeks after treatment.

Endovenous laser ablation is an extremely low risk procedure. Patients may experience some bruising and discomfort for a few days to weeks, but it should not impact your daily life.

How successful is Endovenous Laser Ablation?

Clinical studies have shown success rates of the procedure to be 98%.

What is the recovery period like and what can I do after the procedure?

  • You can expect mild pain and some inflammation for 1-2 weeks post treatment.
  • You can drive after the procedure.
  • However no long-distance travel is recommended. If this is necessary, you are required to have an injection to reduce any complication risks from long travel.
  • All patients must wear compression stockings overnight and for up to 3 days.
  • All patients must have a review scan after the procedure between 1-2 weeks from the date of treatment.

What are the possible complications of Endoveous Laser Ablation?

Complications for this procedure are extremely rare and can include Deep Vein Thrombosis or Pulmonary Embolism. This incidence of this is approximately 1 : 1,000,000. An even rarer complication is nerve damage in the calf.

The most common complications are soreness and inflammation which usually settles with compression stockings and anti-inflammatory medication.

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Mia D Dec 20, 2020

The absolute best in Sydney. I would not go anywhere else to get anything done. Everyone I have encountered at this clinic has been so extremely warm and professional and put in so much time and effort to truly achieve your desired outcome. Can’t recommend this place enough, do not waste your money elsewhere.

Amanda K Feb 1, 2021

First time at Contour Clinics and was very happy with the whole experience. Easy to find, easy to park, friendly and helpful staff. Highly recommend and will be a regular from now on.

Rekka P Jan 20, 2021

Very happy with my experience at Contour Clinics Newtown. Everyone was so friendly, professional and knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable during my treatment. Dr Josh made me feel so comfortable. I am so happy. I’ll definitely be back!

* Testimonials are from satisfied customers, results may vary. We offer complementary 1:1 consultations to understand your specific requirements before commencing treatment.


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