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The Blog Laser Hair removal- is it worth it?

The big question for all the non laser converts is ‘is laser hair removal worth it?’ and the answer is YES. Without a shadow of a doubt I can tell you that permanent hair removal beats being a slave to the shave a million times over! How many times have you found yourself in between waxes when you get a last minute invite that requires a cute mini dress? So, you have to break out the emergency razor and start the growing out process all over again, annoying much? And I don’t know about you, but I don’t miss razor burn, irritation, ingrown hairs, lumps and bumps post shave or spikey regrowth or ‘beard legs’ as I like to call it. I could pumice my feet on my regrowth before I discovered laser hair removal, gross! 🤢


And I know the monthly brazilian wax appointment has to be one of the most dreaded 30 minutes in any gals schedule! It’s up there with meetings with your boss and dental appointments on the stress o meter. Never mind the sticky aftermath it leaves behind, as if the excruciating pain wasn’t punishment enough.


Those points aside let’s compare the financials, in case you’re still not convinced. Waxing versus Laser Hair Removal over the course of one year will have you out of pocket very similar dollars. However, in the years following your initial laser course, you will only need two maintenance treatments per year versus ongoing waxing costs. So over time you will save a heap of cash as well as having silky smooth skin at any given moment. It’s a no brainer right? Well, if you’re really attached to your razor/monthly waxing appointment/torture session and you’re STILL not convinced, how about the fact that your laser appointments will usually be as little as five minutes for your smaller areas like bikini or underarm and up to fifteen minutes for larger areas like your legs. So now you’re richer, smoother and have more time, what more could you ask for? Well seeing as you asked, how about medical grade technology, highly skilled and knowledgeable staff and Netflix on a flat screen while you have your treatment? That’s all part of what we offer here at Contour Clinics so, what are you waiting for? It’s time to ditch the razor for the laser!

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