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The Blog The Hidden Secret to Enhancing Your Face With Temple Filler

Are you struggling with fine lines and wrinkles? Do you dream of looking younger than you actually are? Join the club as millions of Australians are now looking for non-invasive ways of achieving a more youthful appearance. But what does it mean to achieve a more ‘youthful’ face and what kind of treatments are available? Let’s answer both questions for you.

A youthful face is often associated with being round or oval in shape and having a plump or full appearance. In time, as facial volume is lost and temple hollowing occurs, this youthful appearance declines, resulting in a more skeletal, aged look. One of the most common treatments available to combat these signs of aging is temple filler. This procedure is highly effective as it reinforces the support in the temple area, minimising the look of wrinkles and folds.

Let’s Look at Dermal Fillers in More Detail

Dermal fillers are commonly used as a way to enhance face shape and specific features. From lip and jawline filler to cheek and chin augmentation and temple filler; there are a number of options out there to rejuvenate your skin and restore your fresh-faced glow.

Dermal filler is a common and effective temple treatment. Using fine needles, the filler is injected into the temple area in a quick and simple procedure lasting less than 30 minutes, producing noticeable results for up to 24 months. A treatment that is often overlooked, it provides a quick, easy and effective solution; improving the shape of your face from eyes to hairline.

With techniques and anaesthetic administered to ensure minimal disruption, pain and bruising, patients can see results immediately.

But With so Many Options, How Do You Know What is Best?

This is a common question. You wake up, look in the mirror and notice that your skin is not as plump as it was. Your fine lines and wrinkles are a little more prominent than you remember and your skin is looking saggy. You decide to look into treatment options but have no idea where to begin or what would achieve optimum results.

Sound familiar? It’s best to book a consultation with a cosmetic injectable expert. With varying consistencies of filler and no ‘one size fits all’ approach, your cosmetic doctor will have the skills and expertise to map your face and design a plan that best suits you and your budget. The cosmetic professionals at your choice of clinic will also be able to advise the best aftercare to prolong your results and protect your skin.

Are You Ready to Book a Consultation? Choose Contour Clinics!

We’d love to hear about your goals for treatment and create the perfect plan to eliminate your insecurities and restore a plump youthfulness to your skin.

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