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The Blog Dr Josh Wall talks BEST BREASTS in OK! Magazine

The below is an excerpt from OK! Magazine.

WHAT: Non-Surgical Breast Lift

Traditionally, the only means of changing your breast shape was through implants, but Dr Josh Wall, Medical Director of Contour Clinics, says there is a new way.

A non-surgical breast lift ‘is a combination of deep dermal skin tightening with the Tempsure radiofrequency platform and platelet-rich plasma injections, commonly known as the vampire breast lift,’ Dr Wall explains.

Essentially, Tempsure is a radiofrequency device that penetrates deep into your skin to promote collagen production. When combined with platelet-rich plasma injections, the treatment restores skin elasticity, helping to lift sagging breasts.

Dr Wall describes the pain at about three out of 10 and ‘results can be seen in two to three months’.

For more information, visit our Non-Surgical Breast Lift treatment page.

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